ADV.1 TrackSpec ADV05 Wheels for Ferrari 575M 

ADV.1 TrackSpec ADV05 Three Piece Wheels for Ferrari 575M Maranello For Sale - Manufactured for a Ferrari 575M in May 2011. Front wheels are 20 x 8.5 with an ET30 backspace. The rears are rear is 20 x 12 with a ET20 backspace. Though used, they remain in excellent condition outside of one large shallow paint blister in the centre of one of the rear rims (see photo). The paint shows some cracks here and it will probably worsen once put into use. ADV.1 offers a repair service at their location in California or it could probably be professionally refinished locally. The asking price accounts for this issue.

The tires are Michelin Pilot Sports with 2011 date codes. Fronts are 255/30ZR20 (92Y) with 7/32 tread depth remaining. Rears are 325/25ZR20 (101Y) with 6/32 tread depth remaining.

Current TrackSpec wheels are over $3,000 USD each new. Asking $6,000 Canadian for the full set. Price is based on the value of the wheels alone and accounts for the paint issue on the one rim. Consider the tires free due to their age.

Located n Singhampton, Ontario, Canada. Contact 416-319-3321 or for more information. Prices in Canadian dollars.




Monday February 10, 2020


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