Genuine Vintage Ferrari Body Parts

New Old Stock (NOS)

1995 to 1998 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta/Targa - Upper left rear quarter panel (upper rear covering). Part # 70000842 - $2,000

Ferrari F355 and late F348 - Right hand fin trim panel Berlinetta and Targa. Part # 62062100 - $SOLD

Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS - Left hand sill assembly. Some minor surface rust from long term storage. One area looks to have been trimmed (see photo). Part # 60031304 - $600

Ferrari 512BB (Berlinetta Boxer) - Right hand door frame assembly. No skin. Some of the primer is peeling in spots. Missing one of the lower window regulator pulleys. Part # 50313501 - $5,200

Located n Singhampton, Ontario, Canada. Contact 416-319-3321 or for more information. Prices in Canadian dollars.



Wednesday September 25, 2019


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